The consequences of crime are usually extremely disruptive, costly, and can be very distressing for employees. Prevention is easier than addressing a problem once it’s already occurred. At Linewatch, we’re experts in crime prevention consultancy. We endeavour to work within the boundaries of your budget and business activities, to provide you with an effective solution for reducing your operational vulnerabilities.
Our security consultancy services are designed to put you first, and our aim is always to protect your employees, property, and assets. Let’s take a look at some of the measures we use to keep people and commercial property safe.


This is one of the greatest weapons a progressive security company employs against crime. Having an attentive, well presented, and responsive security presence is often enough to deter criminals.

Concierge Security Guards

Your point of contact with the outside world is often a front desk or entrance. Having a well-spoken, uniformed guard in place, issuing visitor passes, will make employees and visitors feel safe and deter any opportunistic criminals. A diligent security presence here says a lot about your business to clients and tells anyone with bad intentions all they need to know about your attitude to security.

Parking and Access Control

Another vulnerable area for a lot of companies is their parking facilities. Criminals use techniques like tail-gating to get around automatic barriers and a very effective solution is manned control.

Plain Clothes and uniformed Guards

In retail, a security presence on the floor can be very beneficial for protecting stock and staff. A visible presence is an excellent deterrent against anti-social behaviour and a plain clothed presence can significantly reduce stock losses.

Have a prevention plan

Your best defence against crime is to be prepared. Companies that get advice and implement simple measures are better equipped to face the challenges that crime presents. Contact Linewatch today and find out how we can help you to protect your business.

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