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The crime rate is on the rise and assaults on property have increased over the last year. Your business may be at risk! Many businesses have turned to companies providing security services to secure their premises. Most firms have realized that cameras, lasers, and alarms are insufficient to stop shoplifters, vandals, and burglars.

The decision to hire security guard companies is an important one and choosing the right one for your needs can be the difference between a catastrophic loss of thousands of dollars and a safe and secure business.

Are you looking for an excellent security company that provides affordable, high-quality security services? Look no further than Linewatch Security, the best security service company in Victoria!

Linewatch Security is a premier security service provider that caters to all sorts of security needs. Our security service includes numerous packages are diverse and flexible. Hosting a large public exhibition? Opt for our crowd control package. We’ll develop a strategic security plan, set up checkpoints, and make sure that your event runs smoothly. Need to safeguard valuable construction materials? Consider our construction site security package, with experienced security guards who vigilantly patrol your construction site overnight.

What makes Linewatch Security better than other security service companies?


Our security guards are highly committed towards their trade and will go the extra mile for our valued customers. Whenever you opt for a Linewatch security package, our guards arrive before time and scour the premises. They then identify potential loopholes and secure the area to ensure your event runs hassle-free.


Linewatch Security makes it a point to establish and maintain a long-term harmonious relationship with our customers. Our security estimates and assessments are accurate and realistic, regardless of the scale of the operation. As such, our security services are good value for money.


Our customers have reported great satisfaction with our security services. Whether it’s a small party, a large concert, or a jewelry store, our security professionals have ensured that the area is safe and secure. In fact, our security services are so renowned that even other security companies enlist our guards at times! Well, nothing to worry about then.  Just call Linewatch and sit back and relax as we take care of your security needs!


When you enlist a Linewatch security guard, you get the best of the best. Our security personnel have had tremendous experience in providing security services across Melbourne and greater Victoria. They have received specialized training and are able to coordinate with paramedics and law enforcement agents during times of emergency. Linewatch security guards are vigilant and their experience allows them to easily spot potential threats and suspicious activity.

Call Linewatch on 1300 783 613 to secure your business and enlist the best security guards in Victoria!
Linewatch. Always in line. Always on watch. ®

Any other questions?

Any other questions?

Contact LineWatch here or ph 1300 783 613
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