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Due to an increase in the crime rate over the past year, a number of companies have looked to secure their businesses in Melbourne. Among them, some have turned to security cameras. But will a camera actually be able to stop determined robber? You will need en established company that provides top-quality security services in Melbourne to secure your business and minimise the risk of theft.

As you go through the list of security services in Melbourne, you’ll notice that there are so many of them and it’s hard to tell which company is better. It’s hard to make a decision when there are so many choices on offer. Well, look no further. 

Introducing Linewatch®, a name that stands out amongst the sea of average security services in Melbourne. We are a leading security company that matches all types of security needs. From construction sites to large concerts, our highly experienced and competent staff makes us the best security services provider in Melbourne.

Our numerous security packages are highly customizable and suit a number of security needs. If you want to guard your valuable construction materials, opt for our construction site security package which comes with a security guard who’ll safeguard your property overnight and patrol vigilantly. 

Perhaps you might be hosting a large event. Go for our event security package, which includes entry, exit, and checkpoint setup, vigilant surveillance of suspicious activity or individuals, and a professional traffic and parking management plan.

Linewatch Security is committed to professionalism and dedication for our customers. We believe in building and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers. As such, we always provide estimates that are accurate and realistic based on your security needs.

Our guards make it a point to arrive before the designated time and scour the area. They secure any potential loopholes and set up any checkpoints if necessary. During the duration of the service, our guards keep an active, vigilant eye on any suspicious activity or individuals.

Linewatch security guards have also been trained to deal with high-pressure emergency scenarios and can effectively collaborate with paramedics and law enforcement agents. If the worst happens, be assured that your life and business are in safe hands.

Our excellence, experience, and expertise have made us the leading security services company in Melbourne. Not every security services provider in Melbourne can match our level of service. This is exemplified by the fact that even other security companies have enlisted our highly qualified security guards at times!

Call Linewatch Security now on 1300 783 613 for the best security services in Melbourne and ensure your business is safe and secure!

Linewatch. Always in line. Always on watch.

Any other questions?

Any other questions?

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