Linewatch is always looking for talented individuals. We’re a progressive security company and in order to attract the best, we try to provide the best working environment. At Linewatch we believe that security is everything, and that our efforts to be the best brings out the same in our employees.

Linewatch rewards effort from our people with a commitment to develop our people. It’s one of the tenets on which the company, and our place as one of the premier security companies in Melbourne was formed.

Linewatch provides:

  • A progressive, friendly working environment
  • We’ll match your commitment with an attractive remuneration package
  • The chance to be yourself whilst being excellent at what you do
  • Unrivalled training

Linewatch is also an equal opportunity employer. We’re run by people – not a business plan or shareholders, and everyone gets a chance. All we ask at Linewatch is that you commit to us, as we do to you. And that you give your best effort. We’ll do the rest with training and we’ll provide you with the ideal basis for which to launch or continue your career, providing unmatched security to our corporate and private clientele.

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