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Looking for reputable security companies in melbourne? Choosing a security company in melbourne is an important decision, don’t take it lightly. Contact Linewatch® the brand name you can trust. Call 1300 783 613 today.

According to a recent report by the Victoria Police, criminal offences across Victoria increased by 3.4% over the past year.

In such an environment, it is imperative you secure your business today! There are a lot of Security Companies in Melbourne, so it can be a difficult decision. However, don’t you think you deserve the best? Why settle for mediocrity when you can choose the best Security Companies in Melbourne?

Introducing Linewatch, a premium Security Companies in Melbourne. Our security guards have several years of professional experience in securing businesses and events in greater Victoria. We offer a wide range of specialized security services including construction site security, party security, and personal security.


As an established Security Companies in Melbourne, we adhere to the highest standards in honesty, integrity, and punctuality. Our assessments are realistic and accurate; our employees are professional and courteous; and we always ensure that your premises are fully secured through legal means.


We are a registered Australian security company under Australia’s private security act. As such, we make sure that whenever we are charge of security for any business – big or small – we always follow safe and legal means. For instance, we have a strict privacy policy and all personal information held by a client is kept strictly confidential as per the privacy laws of Australia.


 During every security operation, our security specialists always arrive before time to safeguard the premises and ensure the place is 100% secure. Our services are so excellent that other Security Companies in Melbourne hire our security guards for events requiring high level expertise.

The following include some of our popular services:-

  • Party Security
  • Personal and Asset Security
  • Crowd Control
  • Asset Protection
  • Retail Security
  • Static Guarding

Linewatch security guards are highly trained and understand the security context and requirements in Victoria. Our professional staff are equipped to operate in harmony with safety agents, paramedics, and site managers to secure sites in situations involving a large mass of people and possible risk of injuries.


Unsure about our credentials? How about trying the Linewatch mobile app? We are the only Security Companies in Melbourne in Australia to develop a mobile app. The app provides an insight to our services and also serves as a motion sensor alarm which can detect intruders, take their photo, sound the alarm, and notify a number and an email address. The app is completely free and is available on the Android stores.

Well, what are you waiting for? Call now to hire one of the best Security Companies in Melbourne and secure your business! Call 1300 783 613 today.
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Any other questions?

Any other questions?

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