linewatch mobile security guards melbourne

Linewatch is making a positive push towards introducing Mobile Patrol Security to its existing impressive collection of security operations. The Mobile Patrol business is a highly effective visual and physical influence that can be used as a deterrent to seek out disturbances and eliminate unexpected problems. This service is an extremely cost effective method providing real value to businesses in the Melbourne area. Security mobile patrol officers can carry out a much more preventative role by checking on potential security risks such as windows and doors left open, fires or flooding. 

A mobile security patrol also provides a potential effective out-of-hours support for a company with a static guard during office hours. It’s a reliable and speedy backup for incident related or emergency functions on premises. Mobile patrol units are ideal for large sites that require security guard services. Having a fully equipped, highly visible patrol car thoroughly monitoring an extended area will prevent incidents before they happen and will allow for a fast and professional response when necessary at the time of any potential incident.

It’s likely that Linewatch’s mobile patrol will involve an officer arriving at the site in a Linewatch branded Patrol Car. That team will patrol key points of a customer’s grounds to ensure all is definitely in order. This service creates a spontaneous element compared to static guards with whom it’s easier to predict the likely trends and times that they are on shift. Businesses choosing this service are normally those who are conscious of the impact that a lack of business continuity could have on their operations and are keen to trade in a safe manner every day.

Linewatch has been heavily focused on supplying the essential security services to the heart of Melbourne but this extended service move into mobile patrol can only be seen as a smart and logical move. It holds clear benefits for the customer and it means Linewatch can provide a more 360 degree approach.