• April 29, 2020
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Coronavirus Security Services Melbourne

Security companies across Melbourne are stepping up to answer the call by helping businesses manage the current COVID-19 crisis. Linewatch has become a prime example within the security industry by providing services that are above and beyond the normal duties of a security company. Linewatch assures that all their security staff are healthy and fit for duty, in addition to making sure they have access to appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and are especially trained to deal with the new security and safety challenges the current climate brings.

With many businesses now encouraging staff to work from home, asset protection has become a much larger security need for most workplaces. Linewatch has recognised this and provides 24-hour asset protection, so while staff are safe and working from home, businesses are staying well-protected too.

Social distancing may have become the standard practice for businesses these days, but unfortunately there are still many people who express resistance to this. Security companies like Linewatch have taken up a crucial role in helping workplaces manage effective social distancing measures, including only allowing a set number of people into a premises at any one time, assuring customers remain 1.5 metres apart and that everyone is conducting themselves safely and in accordance with the current social policies. A necessary part of this has become managing aggressive behaviours from people who are reluctant to comply, a situation which can prove incredibly challenging to manage and needs the specialist intervention of a highly trained security company. Linewatch provides this support to keep staff and customers safe, not just from COVID-19, but from any potential threats arising from necessary social policy directions.

Another way security companies like Linewatch have stepped up their services during this crisis is by assisting businesses with performing temperature checks on customers as a further safety measure for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Having the support of a trusted security company in this task ensures the process runs smoothly and safely for all involved. Such a function has been largely unprecedented for security companies, and this is a key example of the security industry going above and beyond to assist the community by providing additional relevant services.