• September 25, 2017
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A culture of promotion and training from within a business is always a difficult and challenging task, particularly in the security industry.

Today, Linewatch is proud to announce that Mark has been promoted from Security Officer to Security Supervisor in a key leadership role that will improve the Linewatch performance and ensure that clients will be safe in the knowledge that the company is providing the best available security measures in Melbourne. About 2 months ago, Mark joined the business; his responsibility was to ensure smooth outcomes at venues, weddings and corporate occasions by preventing incidents along with acting proactively through inspecting protection and fire control equipment. However, recently Mark has taken on more responsibility by being promoted up into a role with more leadership in a position where he can help other team members’ progress and excel.

Providing consistent and reliable Corporate Security services in Melbourne is the first priority in this progressive company, which has quickly recognized the significant importance of providing a vision of the future for its clients and staff. It has done this by introducing relevant roles of Security Officer, Security Manager and Security Supervisor in its small but expanding team.

Ever since Linewatch was born, it’s been highly committed to providing an excellent security and protection service to clients. This news highlights its growing approach to a positive work environment for employees by implementing upgraded job titles & responsibilities.

Employees are encouraged with a thorough training program that gives them the skills needed to deliver a security service the ‘Linewatch way’. The business has also started to build a reputation for a friendly, supportive and welcoming approach.

Culture matters whether it’s a big corporate firm with 200 employees or a small enterprise with ten staff. Culture is a way of life. It includes our values, languages and traditions. With positive culture we develop a sense of belonging, personal and cognitive growth and the ability to relate to each other. Whether it’s party security, crowd control, property services, or guarding, a culture of working together and looking after the communities of Melbourne is at the heart of this promotion and culture shift scheme.

Mark said: ‘’Linewatch is a business that is moving in the right direction and really looking after it’s talented staff who work hard to protect the people of Melbourne. I now want to encourage the younger and less experienced employees to embrace the training and work hard to enable maximum security for our customers. Mark added, that it proves if you put your head down and work hard at Linewatch then you can definitely work your way up.’’

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