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When you’re hosting an event, there are a lot of things you have to deal with. There’s the guest list, the decorations, the catering, and most importantly, the security. You’ve got to make sure that there are no unwanted guests and that your event runs smoothly. Let us give you a hand. At Linewatch Security, we provide top quality event security services for a wide variety of needs.

Whether it’s a large concert featuring thousands of people or a medium-sized wedding celebration with a couple hundred, our highly trained security experts provide first-class event security and ensure that your event is safe and sound.

Our dedication to our customers and professionalism to our trade makes us the leading event security company in Melbourne. We provide excellent services, mainly due to our core values of honesty, integrity, and punctuality.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers and as such, always give you a realistic estimate for event security services whether it’s for a small party or a large public gathering.

Our security guards always arrive early and make it a point to scour the area and secure any security loopholes. We set up strategic checkpoints, closely analyzing the terrain and layout of the venue. Our guards vigilantly monitor entry and exit points and ensure that unwanted guests do not gain entry. Linewatch security guards also perform thorough bag checks to ensure no dangerous weapons are brought to your event.

We keep a vigilant eye for suspicious activity and have had experience in dealing with law enforcement agents. In fact, our highly trained security specialists are equipped to deal with other security agents and paramedics in the event of an emergency.

Our event security package also provides traffic and parking management services. Our guards will develop an efficient management and control plan based on the venue’s layout. We then monitor and direct traffic in order to ensure smooth entry and exit from your event.

We are a renowned provider of event security services in Melbourne. Such is our prowess that even other security companies enlist Linewatch security guards, a testament to our expertise in event security.

Linewatch Security is registered under Australia’s private security act and we guarantee customer privacy. Our guards are highly familiar with the needs required for event security in greater Victoria and are versatile in responding to a varying number of security needs.

Call Linewatch Security now on 1300 783 613 for the best event security services in Victoria!

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Any other questions?

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