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The law requires your construction site to be secure from unauthorised access, but Linewatch construction security agents go that step further, providing a detailed 360 degree assessment of all potential security risks, including theft and vandalism as well as traffic management and crowd control.

Linewatch construction guards are specially selected for their customer service abilities, and trained by an accredited industry expert in performing security audits in a construction context.

When you hire Linewatch construction security guards, you can be certain they will always arrive early and scope out the site for potential risks, and prevent unauthorised access to your site with professionalism and courtesy.

LineWatch founder and MD, Tolga Karabiyik is a fully qualified security industry trainer.

This means he personally insists on all our employees are educated and trained to industry-best standards, and always behave according to LineWatch’s best practice Standard Operating Procedures.

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Construction Site Security Services

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Construction Site Access

Construction Site Access

Effectively controlling construction site access means much more than checking ID at the gate. Linewatch agents are trained in customer service and the ability to fully audit a site’s potential security risks to make sure they are all managed effectively.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Theft or damage from vandalism is a major risk to construction site security and safety, which is why when you hire Linewatch construction security agents, we provide a complete audit of your asset protection needs as well as a site access plan.

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

More than simply managing your site entrance, Linewatch construction security agents are also comprehensively trained in the logistics of traffic and parking management, so things will flow smoothly around as well as on your construction site.


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