Why your business needs a security assessment

The consequences of crime are usually extremely disruptive, costly, and can be very distressing for employees. Prevention is easier than addressing a problem once it’s already occurred. At Linewatch, we’re experts in crime prevention consultancy. We endeavour to work within the boundaries of your budget and business activities, to provide you with an effective solution [...]

Linewatch seeks a substantial investment in Mobile Patrol Security

Linewatch is making a positive push towards introducing Mobile Patrol Security to its existing impressive collection of security operations. The Mobile Patrol business is a highly effective visual and physical influence that can be used as a deterrent to seek out disturbances and eliminate unexpected problems. This service is an extremely cost effe …

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Linewatch Announces Security Team Staff Promotion & Culture Shift

A culture of promotion and training from within a business is always a difficult and challenging task, particularly in the security industry. Today, Linewatch is proud to announce that Mark has been promoted from Security Officer to Security Supervisor in a key leadership role that will improve the Linewatch performance and ensure that clients …

Linewatch Announces New HR Process

Linewatch, a new and innovative addition in the security services market of Melbourne has today announced a new systematic Human Resource process to kick start better communication and employee performance. The new HR planning process is ideal for a small business as it will involve significantly more than hiring new employees to fill vacant job […]