ALinewatch security services melbourne is a rapidly evolving security company located in the heart of the CBD. Our company focuses on delivering reliable security services by deploying professionally trained and personable security guards to assist you with your security needs. Our affordable security solutions are developed accordingly with industry standards and can be tailored to your business, event or venues needs.

The Linewatch advantage
At Linewatch, our security services are specifically designed to go beyond just basic security protection. Our reliability and professionalism makes us one of the most trusted security service providers in Melbourne.

Core Values
Our company values of Accountability, Commitment, Leadership and Teamwork are what supports our vision, shape our working culture and reflect our security company values.

ACCOUNTABILITY – To provide the best possible security solutions

COMMITMENT – Keep pursuing goals in adverse situations

LEADERSHIP – Inspire others while advancing the mission of the organisation

TEAMWORK – Cooperate and work as a team to achieve better results

What you can expect

A ready-to-deploy team of trained Melbourne security guards

Comprehensive security solutions defined by Australian industry standards

Local, Melbourne based, cost-effective security professionals

Up-to-date security approaches, flexible in ever changing times

Proven industry solutions, localised to your business requirements for effective implementation

Linewatch security guards undergo extensive training and induction to ensure they remain across the latest industry best practices and they implement them in everything they do. This means that all of our employees are educated and trained to industry-best standards, and always behave according to Linewatch’s best practice Standard Operating Procedures.

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